Final report

As it is the last week of Google Summer of Code, this post is also my final project report, summarizing what I have worked on during »

Travis CI

This week I set up continuous integration (CI) with travis for our project. I knew very little about travis — or CI — »

Documentation Part II

Through contributing to other projects I have learned how to write docstrings. But I have never set up the actual online documentation myself. For Nighres, I »


This week was special, the official birth of Nighres — Processing tools for high-resolution neuroimaging. Nighres is the name that we decided on for »

When setting up the new nighres repo I also worked on the build script from Brainhack Vancouver. It now pulls the raw Java classes from the »

Like a real blog

Today I moved my blog from pure github pages to hubpress (which is built on github pages). Takes a few hours of figuring out the setup »


Trying to decide how to license our package I was reading around and found that was helpful for a quick overview on the »

Brainhack Vancouver

From June 22-24 I was at the OHBM Hackathon 2017 in Vancouver and pitched a project to implement the distribution for cbstools-python. I mostly hoped that »